Ashley Connolly on Working with Students to Develop Self-Care Habits

The following week during counseling, the student was excited to share with me what she had planned for herself every day, and told me that she felt more motivated to do her work after she took some time doing things she enjoyed. For example, she likes makeup, so she practiced doing fun and creative techniques she recently saw on YouTube. I was so pleased that a simple act of making herself a priority changed her outlook on school.

Elizabeth Sutfin on Positive Behavioral Interventions for Elementary Students

Luckily, I have found COVID-19 related social stories online that can help students learn about topics such as mask wearing, riding the school bus while distancing themselves, and coping with staying home while school is virtual. Research has also led me to utilize the positive behavioral interventions and support (PBIS) framework. By focusing on increasing or building positive behaviors and skills, many undesired behaviors related to the pandemic may thereupon decrease.