Ashley Connolly on Working with Students to Develop Self-Care Habits

The following week during counseling, the student was excited to share with me what she had planned for herself every day, and told me that she felt more motivated to do her work after she took some time doing things she enjoyed. For example, she likes makeup, so she practiced doing fun and creative techniques she recently saw on YouTube. I was so pleased that a simple act of making herself a priority changed her outlook on school.

Savana Earnest on Lessons for Working With Children Via Telehealth

When you learn how to assess individuals, for whatever reason, you learn the basics of rapport-building, including conversation, positive body language, and semi-structured interviews. I have come to find out that, as with most things learned in the classroom these past two years, those facets go out the window when your client is on a computer screen. Here are a few considerations I have learned while working with children via teleconference:

Perry Mason Blankenship on Limitation of Vital Services in McDowell County

The only service to have flourished under these circumstances is tele-health individual counseling. Some of this has been made possible through the ability to utilize phone calls to meet demand. These moments have opened the door for us to help numerous students who were wrestling with trauma, suicidal ideations, and other mental health related issues. While the assessments that students are missing, such as those for special education services, are vitally important, the services that we have been able to provide continue to have real significance in the students’ lives.