Spring 2021 Conference

The Executive Committee is excited to announce our Spring/Summer lineup of speakers for the conference at the Flatwoods Conference Center on June 4. If all goes well, this will be an in-person conference as usual. If there is a sudden resurgence of COVID we will attempt to modify the presentations to be on line.

This will be an in-person conference,not available by video conferencing.

From 9 AM to noon, Dawn Staub and Kathleen Chiasson-Downs from WVU will be presenting on Real Life Clinical and Ethical issues in Providing Behavioral Health Services via Telehealth. Both are primarily telehealth providers who also teach at WVU and are LPCs, ALPS and at least in Katie‚Äôs case, also a certified addictions counselor. We are hoping to be approved for three ethics units from the Board of Examiners. Ms. Chiasson-Downs will be discussing use of telehealth with real life examples in Medication Assisted Treatment Programs, while Ms. Staub will be discussing ethical and clinical issues in telehealth in general. Both of these clinicians are highly qualified, and we consider ourselves lucky to have gotten them.

From 1 PM to 4 PM, Veronica Reynolds, also an LCSW and COO/Clinical Director of the Crittenton Center, will be speaking on the topic of Beyond the Behavior: Healing Trauma from the Inside Out. This is clearly a timely topic that should appeal to clinicians of every variety across the state. Ms Reynolds comes to us both highly certified and highly recommended as an inspiring presenter.

We have applied for CEUs from the Counseling, Social Work, and Addictions Certification Boards and approval is pending. We welcome school psychologists as well. 

We have decided to dd a slight extra charge to the conference fee in order to provide lunch at the facility. Therefore the cost for members will be $60. At $10 a credit, this is a great bargain, especially when you throw in lunch!

Please send any questions to Rachel, who will address them. We are hoping to also qualify for LPC, SW and Addictions CEUs and of course, will attempt to attract school psychologists as well. Please try to be present, we miss you all.

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